Say hi to the new little guy in our family.
Peaceful protest is terrorism. Terrorism? You better believe that's peaceful protest.
And they're barely trying to hide that they're coming for contraception next.
Dems are divided on some issues, as is any political party. But Republicans can't even agree about free and fair elections.
I'm not selling to Elon Musk or anything like that.
Also: Ron Johnson's latest Covid conspiracy theory is completely nuts, even by modern GOP standards.
It's not because they're so passionate about norms.
Also: Biden roasts Fox News — but his staff keep giving it interviews it anyway.
Weekend subscriber thread: what stories am I missing?It's been a busy April here at Public Notice. But now I want to hear from you.
Antifa didn’t show up, but Republicans got busy trying to blame them anyway.
Also: Tucker Carlson's claim that Elon Musk "unshackled" his Twitter account is unadulterated BS.
Also: Marjorie Taylor Greene's "Marshall law" text is at tension with her testimony.