Mar 8 • 42M

Marisa Kabas on George Santos's many scandals

A leading Santos chronicler goes deep on his rise, fall, and the political environment that made it all possible.

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Episode 2 of the Aaron Rupar show is live! I talked with MSNBC columnist and “The Daily Santos” author Marisa Kabas about the seemingly infinite Santos scandals, how the changing environment of New York politics transformed him from unknown 2020 loser to a winner two years later, why Santos's constituents aren't necessarily placing all the blame for him on the GOP, and much more!

Listen to the audio of our conversation above, and if you’d like to see the video, check it out below.

Episode three will feature an interview with Brian Tyler Cohen. The first one featured a fun conversation with Ron Filipkowski about Republican politics and Trumpism that you can listen to here. Please subscribe to the Aaron Rupar Show wherever you get your podcasts, and leave a positive review!